Articles by Han Fey

Articles by Han Fey

Over many years Han Fey has written several articles about various high security locks and the mechanisms behind them. The articles are not sales pieces but rather concentrate more on the technical and security side of the locking systems and help illustrate what makes a good high security lock. Many of the articles use locks from several different manufacturers to illustrate technical points or show off various lock features. If you have any questions on the articles please do not hesitate to contact us.

Cutaway Locks
One of the reasons why manufacturers produce so-called 'cutaway locks' is to show potential buyers and entry level locksmiths the inner workings of a lock and to show the security features. Some of the cutaways in my collection are factory cut, while some I made myself because I could not get a factory cutaway or because factory cutaways were never made available. The first part of this series is called Image:Pdf_icon.png Cutaway locks and deals with locks by various manufacturers. The second part of this cutaway series deals exclusively with Image:Pdf_icon.png Pfaffenhain Cutaway Cylinders.

Assa Lock Systems
The ASSA Twin series of locking systems includes a locking mechanism that has evolved over many generations into a very robust locking cylinder. This series covers the history of the ASSA Twin product line all the way through its current systems.
    In Image:Pdf_icon.png The Assa Twin Part One:
    • Twin 6000 ! Twin 1 (systems Europe + USA): Introduced 1981 (100th anniversary)
    • Twin 6800 ! Twin Exclusive (upgraded Twin 6000): 6 pins + 5 side pins, introduced 2000
    • Twin 7000 ! Twin 2 ! Twin V10 ! Twin Global: 6 pins + 5 side pins, introduced 1996
    • Twin 6100 ! Twin Pro: 6 pins + 5 side pins, introduced 2003
    • Twin 8800 ! Twin Maximum: 6 pins + 5 side pins, introduced 2005
    • Twin 2800 => cheaper version of the Maximum. No hardened pins etc.
    In Image:Pdf_icon.png The ASSA D12 the new replacement for the ASSA 700, the ASSA D12 is dissected and discussed.

Abloy Lock Systems
The Abloy line of locks is one of my favorite lock lines showing an innovative high security solution that has evolved to include many new high security techniques for improved attack resistance. I have written four articles so far covering the complete line of Abloy mechanical locks to date, and their various features.

The Abloy Articles are:

The Robotic Key System
Many years ago John and Robert Loughlin started working on an extreme security solution to solve a problem with container security during transportation. I was fascinated about this lock from when I first encountered the lock and the Loughlins and decided to write my article, Image:Pdf_icon.png the RKS Principle, to help explain the history and inner workings of this new age lock. You can find more details at Stanton Concepts website.

The Drumm Geminy Shield
In my article, Image:Pdf_icon.png The Drumm Geminy Shield, I cover the Geminy Shield and its history. About 15 years ago Klaus Drumm had the idea that the small surface in front of a cylinder was not big enough to provide for an effective Shield against differing modern burglar attacks. He wanted a solution for this. With this idea in mind, he came to the conclusion that a cylinder shield out of steel which could withstand several attacks could be the solution.

The DOM iX Dimple Key System
My Image:Pdf_icon.png DOM ix Dimple key system article covers the Dom iX line of locks. I have examined the locking systems of most European manufacturers including Kaba, ASSA, BKS, Wilka, Winkhaus, Mul-T-lock, etc. It has been interesting for me to witness the progression in these manufacturers evolving security features. I decided to write about the history of the German DOM ix system because this manufacturer came with one of the first reversible dimple key systems with a horizontal keyway.